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Who are Stop them Shafting Fullham?

Stop them Shafting Fulham (SSF) is a coalition of local campaigning groups, residents’ associations and societies. We have joined forces to fight the outrageous proposal by Thames Water to use the tiny wharf sites at Carnwath Road in South Fulham as one of the 3 main drilling and excavation sites for their giant planned ‘supersewer’ scheme.

The members of the coalition, whose campaign is supported by Hammersmith & Fulham Council, include The Peterborough Road & Area Residents Association (PRARA), Residents Against the Sewer In Fulham (RATSF), Friends of South Park, The Fulham Society, and the Fulham Riverside West Partnership.

Who are we up against?

The ‘them’ in our coalition name of course refers mainly to Thames Water. But they are by no means the only culprits.

Prime suspects also include The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who has not only championed the whole supersewer scheme but intervened to ensure that the West London main site should be stuck in our crowded residential locality rather than on the original site chosen by Thames Water – an empty piece of open ground at Barn Elms in Putney, well away from homes.

Other culprits notably include local Barn Elms MPs Justine Greening and Zak Goldsmith, both of whom lobbied ruthlessly to get the site dumped on their neighbouring community of South Fulham. Very neighbourly of them!

But don’t you want a clean river?

Everyone agrees that the river sewage must be cleaned up, but many of us in the SSF coalition also believe that the case for the supersewer as the answer has not been made, either on cost or environmental sustainability grounds.

Indeed an increasing number of informed experts are now convinced that the supersewer is not the right long-term solution, whatever Thames Water or the government may claim.

But all in the SSF coalition are united in the determination that even if the scheme is to go ahead it must not use such a ridiculously unsuitable main site such as Carnwath Road Riverside, when doing so would needlessly blight a whole local community for at least ten years.

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